Vietnam’s cashew nut industry continues to shine in 2024, with exports for the first five months showing a positive trend in both volume and value. This follows a record-breaking year in 2023, solidifying Vietnam’s position as the world’s leading cashew nut exporter.


Vietnam’s Cashew Nut Exports Maintain Strong Momentum in the First Half of 2024

The Vietnamese cashew nut industry continued its impressive growth trajectory in the first half of 2024, solidifying the country’s position as a global leader in cashew nut exports. Compared to the same period last year, cashew nut exports witnessed significant growth in both volume and value.

Surging Global Demand

Fueled by rising international demand for cashew nuts, Vietnam’s exports have soared in recent months. Key markets such as the United States, China, the EU, and Japan have all recorded substantial increases in their imports of Vietnamese cashew nuts.

Export Value on the Rise

In addition to the surge in volume, the value of Vietnam’s cashew nut exports also experienced positive growth during the first half of 2024. Enhanced product quality and competitive pricing have made Vietnamese cashew nuts increasingly popular among consumers worldwide.


W320 and W240: Export Mainstays

Among the various cashew nuts exported, W320 and W240 remain the dominant varieties, accounting for a significant share of total export value. The high quality and competitive pricing of these two cashew nuts have attracted a large international customer base.

Export Growth Forecast to Continue

With rising global demand and abundant production capacity, Vietnam’s cashew nut exports are projected to continue their growth trend throughout 2024. The industry has the potential to achieve a new record export target this year.

To sustain this robust growth momentum, the Vietnamese cashew nut industry should focus on:

  • Enhancing Product Quality: Implementing international food safety standards, investing in modern processing technologies, and diversifying product offerings to meet market demands.
  • Expanding Export Markets: Intensifying brand promotion of Vietnamese cashew nuts, participating in international trade fairs, and actively promoting exports to potential markets.
  • Promoting Sustainable Development: Protecting the environment during production processes, improving the livelihoods of cashew farmers, and ensuring sustainable industry growth.

With the combined efforts of the government, enterprises, and cashew farmers, the Vietnamese cashew nut industry is poised for continued success in the future, further solidifying the country’s position as a global leader in cashew nut exports.

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