The Vietnamese cashew industry is experiencing a period of exciting growth. Cashew prices are on the rise, export figures are impressive, and overall market sentiment is positive. This introduction sets the stage for the rest of the article, which will delve deeper into the positive trends, current challenges, and future outlook for Vietnamese cashews.


Vietnam Cashew Industry: High Demand, Rising Prices, and Impressive Exports

The Vietnamese cashew market is bustling with positive signals

Cashew prices in Binh Phuoc today, June 28, 2024, have increased slightly compared to yesterday. Specifically, the price of BB (type 1) cashews is at USD 2.89/kg, BSW (type 2) is at USD 2.63/kg, and BSW (type 3) is at USD 2.35/kg.

In addition to the price trend, cashew exports in the first 4 months of 2024 also achieved impressive results, reaching USD 1.02 billion, up 35.2% compared to the same period last year. The US continues to be the main export market for Vietnamese cashews, accounting for 32.6% of total export value. China, the Netherlands, Germany, and India follow closely behind with export market shares of 27.4%, 11.5%, 5.4%, and 4.8%, respectively.

However, some challenges remain.

The Vietnamese cashew industry is facing several challenges, such as new import tariffs imposed by China and rising raw material prices. The new import tariffs imposed by China since early 2024 have caused cashew export prices to this market to decline.

In addition, cashew nut raw material prices are also rising due to limited supply. This is affecting the profits of cashew processing and exporting enterprises.

Solutions to overcome difficulties and development direction.

To overcome these challenges, the Vietnam Cashew Association has proposed several solutions, including:

  • Supporting businesses in accessing capital to buy raw materials.
  • Strengthening trade promotion to expand export markets.
  • Improving cashew nut quality to meet the increasingly high demands of the market.

In addition, the industry needs to promote the application of science and technology in production, processing, and preservation to improve product quality and reduce costs. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the linkage between enterprises in the industry to create competitiveness in the international market.

Assessment and conclusion.

With high demand from the international market, rising cashew prices, and impressive export results, the Vietnamese cashew industry is showing positive development steps. However, to maintain this growth momentum, the cashew industry needs effective solutions to address current challenges and enhance its competitiveness.

The Vietnamese cashew industry has great potential for development in the future. With the efforts of enterprises and the support of the government, the Vietnamese cashew industry will continue to affirm its position in the international market.


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