CPT Corp commits to bring “Happy and Healthy Product” to consumers by aiming to development according to SRTQT’s model: “Sustainable – Responsible -Traceable – Quality -Transparent

1. Responsibility

“Farmers – Employees –Consumers” Based on the sustainable development chain, CPT Corp will cooperate with farmers and employees to create a source of clean, nutritious organic products for consumers.
The factory must ensure 3 criterion:
+ Quality and safe products for consumers
+Work safety and life quality for employees
+Improve living standards for farmers

2. Sustainability

With the goal of sustainable development, CPT Corp selects input materials from clean raw material areas and meet organic quality standards. The process of handling raw materials applies a modern closed process, but we still ensure environmentally friendly cultivation and production chain, from which the output product will make sure nutrition for everyone

3. Traceability

CPT Corp has direct contracts with the farmers involved organic farming and material suppliers system are audited anually. This is vital because we can assure full traceability of our products to our esteemed customers

4. Quality

The stable quality is our commitment. We always listen and have deep understanding about quality requirement each customer, from that we can supply the most suitable and stable quality to each customer.

5. Transparency

Trust in business is very important, we are building
transparency business in both internally and externally. All information and feedback must be share together.