Binh Phuoc is one of the provinces with the largest cashew nut planting area in Vietnam. Bình Phước cashew nuts are grown on fertile red laterite soil, with a mild climate all year round, creating cashew nuts with a delicious, nutty flavor.


Binh Phuoc Cashew Nuts: A Vietnamese Taste for Vietnamese People

Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are made from fresh cashew nuts, which are shelled and then roasted with salt and other spices. Binh Phuoc cashew nuts have a golden brown color, a nutty flavor, and a fragrant smell of salt, which are very delicious and satisfying.

Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are a popular snack in Vietnam. They are often eaten with tea, coffee, or wine. Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are also a meaningful gift that many people choose to give to friends and family on special occasions such as Tet (Vietnamese New Year).

Not only delicious, Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are also high in nutritional value. They contain a lot of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients are good for health, help reduce bad cholesterol, improve heart health, and improve the immune system, etc.


Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are a delicious, nutritious, and Vietnamese-flavored dish. This is a dish that anyone should try at least once.

To choose high-quality Binh Phuoc cashew nuts, you need to pay attention to the following points:

+ Cashew nuts should have a beautiful golden brown color, without being burnt.

+ Cashew nuts should be uniform in size, without being broken.

+ Cashew nuts should have a fragrant smell of salt.

You should choose to buy Binh Phuoc cashew nuts at reputable establishments with clear origins.

Enjoy Binh Phuoc cashew nuts to feel the delicious, nutty flavor of this land!

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Contact Information:

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Factory Address: Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Phuoc Tan Hamlet, Binh Tan Commune, Phu Rieng District, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam



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