The cashew industry in Binh Phuoc is facing many challenges such as sharp decline in cashew nut prices, high production costs, fluctuating export markets, and a shortage of raw materials. However, with proactive and determined solutions from local authorities, businesses, and people, the cashew industry in Binh Phuoc is gradually regaining its position and heading towards a sustainable development future.

Difficulties surrounding the Binh Phuoc cashew industry

+ Plummeting cashew nut prices: The price of cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc has dropped by more than 30% over the past year, from USD 30/kg to USD 20/kg. The main reason is the decline in global demand for cashews while the supply of raw cashews from African countries increases.

+ Soaring production costs: The rising prices of raw materials, fuel, electricity, and water have pushed up cashew production costs, affecting business profits.

+ Fluctuating export markets: The US-China trade tensions and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused significant fluctuations in cashew export markets, impacting the export activities of businesses.

+ Shortage of raw materials: The reduction in cashew planting areas and the low productivity of cashew trees have led to a shortage of raw cashews, affecting production.

Synchronous and effective solutions

To address the difficulties facing the cashew industry in Binh Phuoc, local authorities have closely coordinated with businesses and people to implement a range of synchronous and effective solutions, including:

+ Strengthening linkages between businesses in the cashew value chain: Strong linkages between businesses in the cashew value chain will help reduce production costs, improve product quality, and enhance business efficiency.

+ Applying science and technology to production: Businesses have applied science and technology to production to increase productivity, product quality, and reduce production costs.

+ Seeking new export markets: Businesses have actively sought new export markets for Vietnamese cashews, such as markets in Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

+ Diversifying products: Businesses have diversified their product range, not only focusing on exporting cashew nuts but also processing other cashew products such as roasted and salted cashews, dried cashews, and cashew powder.

+ Improving product quality: Businesses have upgraded product quality to meet the increasingly high demands of the market.

+ Developing sustainable cashew production: Businesses have embraced sustainable cashew production practices to protect the environment and enhance brand value.

With proactive and determined solutions from local authorities, businesses, and people, the cashew industry in Binh Phuoc promises to continue its sustainable development in the future, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province and the whole country.

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Contact Information:

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