The global cashew market is experiencing a surge in April 2024, with both raw cashew nut and cashew kernel prices witnessing significant increases. This report dives into the key factors driving this volatility, including strong international demand and limited supply. We’ll analyze current market trends, provide insights from the latest data, and offer a forecast for the upcoming month. Vietnamese cashew exporters stand to benefit from this positive trend, but careful market monitoring and strategic planning will be crucial to maximize opportunities.

Cashew Market Report April 2024: High Volatility of Raw Cashew Nut and Cashew Kernel Prices

The cashew market is witnessing a dynamic April 2024, marked by significant upward trends in both raw cashew nut and cashew kernel prices. This report delves into the key drivers behind this surge, analyzes current market trends, and offers insights for cashew exporters.

Price Movements

+ Raw Cashew Nuts: Prices have continued to rise since the beginning of the month, ranging from 1020 USD/mt to 1100 USD/mt for raw cashew nuts from Benin, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This surge is primarily attributed to the strong demand for cashew kernels in international markets, particularly in the US, China, India, and Europe. Additionally, supply constraints due to weather and disease factors have further fueled the price increase.

+ Cashew Kernels: Following the trend of raw cashew nuts, cashew kernel prices have also exhibited an upward trajectory, especially for high-quality grades like W180 and W210. Prices in the Ho Chi Minh City market range from 3.40 USD/kg to 3.55 USD/kg for W180 and 2.95 USD/kg to 3.10 USD/kg for W210. The driving forces behind this increase are the same as for raw cashew nuts: robust demand and limited supply.


Market Forecast

+ With the prevailing strong demand and supply constraints, the cashew market is projected to continue its upward momentum in May 2024.

+ Raw cashew nut and cashew kernel prices are expected to maintain their upward trend, particularly for high-quality grades.

+ Cashew exporters are advised to closely monitor market developments and implement strategic export plans to capitalize on the favorable market conditions.

April 2024 presents a promising landscape for Vietnamese cashew exporters, characterized by rising prices and strong demand. However, exporters must remain vigilant in monitoring market developments and adopting strategic approaches to maximize opportunities while mitigating risks. By staying informed and adapting to market dynamics, cashew exporters can navigate this favorable market environment effectively.

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